The Spanish brand, ABSOLUTE BRETON, announces that it will present a new exclusive model of shoe's basket to the season Summer 2017.

The supplier of luxury leather accessories wishes improving and updating its products portfolio redesigning his decoration's line.  The product will be introduced as an evolution of the previous article, model B.1784, accessory  manufactured to place any kind of shoe and keeping it organized and tidied up.

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It is said that writing with fountain pen is different to the pen, it is said that it confers to the handwriting a personal character. Its weight, form or size just like its decor, are revealing characteristics of the preferences of the lovers of this distinctive use's  object.

Each year, Madrid embraces the Madrid Pen Show. This year, 2016 is the XIII fair which Madrid dedicates to the fountain pen's world.




From 18th to 20th of November, the NH Eurobuilding Hotel, will fill one of its meeting rooms with relics with History and Design: the fountain pens. Objects of desire for many people who will attend to this event of international character.

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 What do these hides have compared to the rest?


The beauty, the quality, the design, the exclusivity or the durability are the principal


attributes of these hides. The purchase of items as clothes, shoes, bags or wallets manufactured with exotic hides is considered as a luxury good, an investment. To all those attributes, we must add the exoticism factor.


The handmade manufacture of products made with hides as crocodile, python or ostrich, give to the purchaser an image of status and purchasing power. 

For this reason, the acquisition of this type of items is characteristic of the luxury sector. The big brands of bags and accessories are specialized en designs manufactured with these hides because of they are among the most demanded in this sector.


Below, some principal characteristics of the exotic hides:

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21st, 22nd Y 23rd of September, dates marked in our Absolute Breton's calendar because of the celebration of the exclusive and renowned International Event LUXE PACK; celebrated in these dates in Monaco city.

If we read up on this event, in first time, it doesn't cause to us a great interest......A fair focused to the packaging? However, at the same time that you familiarize yourself with this, it will get more interest and sense.

LUXE PACK which is not celebrated only in the Principality, also it is located in New York and Shangai, is characterised by its great range of proposals.

Stands, activities, meetings, conferences or round tables are developed in an optimal atmosphere for the business' world, where you will be able to  establish new business relationships, improve the existing relationships, interact with the final consumer and/or strengthen bonds with suppliers.

This way, we can say that this is an innovative, creative and creator of trends event where the principal actors of the business' world will attend.

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The leather is a material which offers many creative and of design's possibilities for all type of items: trunks, folders, cases, bags, bath or desk's accessories and a large etcetera....as know our craftsman Absolute Breton.

Besides, this material has useful advantages as its resistant to the traction, to the friction or to the deterioration or as its water-repellent ability.   The leather is a material very tempting to any business owner who loves the craftwork.

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