The world of the Haute Horlogerie and the high technology of Apple brand has come together this year to create the new Apple Watch. People from 9 different countries can buy it since last April.

Right now it already has a new software update and there are also appearing new accessories for the last product of this famous firm from California: from straps to cases. Apple offers different options like rubber straps, magnetic closure or the two most classic options: bracelet and leather.

Types of Apple Watches
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Besides the official straps, we find other options as the ones suggested by Monowear: straps made of leather, nylon and metal with different finishes, whose prices are a little bit more affordable than the ones of the official straps.

If we are looking for something more personal, then we can choose the custom designs of Casetify, which allow us to create custom straps with pictures from Instagram, Facebook or uploading them directly to its online editor. This firm also offers its own colorful and original  designs.

Few days ago, some rumors appeared in a Czech web saying that Apple was working on new smart straps which could add healthy measures as the quantity of oxygen in blood, breathing frequency, pressure or corporal temperature.

The same source said that Apple could launch its first smartband or smart strap at the beginning of 2016. There would be several styles and configurations which would be adapted to the needs and types of Apple Watch of every user.

The port that they would use for those straps is already being used by other manufacturers like Reserve Strap, a company that has created a strap with an inner battery which is able to charge the Apple Watch while wearing it.

Besides the straps, the Apple Watch is actually like a phone, so we can also customize it and protect it at the same time with a case. The brand Lunatik offers four different types made of aluminum or polycarbonate and including the strap.

No matter what are the accessories that we choose for our Apple Watch, this is a very valuable piece which should be cared and protected as it deserves. For that reason, we can always choose to keep them in boxes for watches or travel cases for watches as the ones made by Absolute Breton, which allow us to carry out most precious watches without worrying about if they are going to be protected during any trip.