Automatic watches are pieces of the fine watch sector, genuine jewels for collection that allow you to show yourself with elegance and naturalnessany time, but also they are one of the watches requiring more maintenance and protection in order to keep them perfectly and avoid the effects that time has on them.

The difference between automatic watches and usual watches is that the automatic ones wind themselves up. Therefore, they are more accurate, more hermetic and safer. Their use does not require handling the crown, which let them stay sealed for years as they were the first day, protected from the common problems of a plain watch. 

However, as for every high-accuracy product, maintenance is always compulsory. Rude changes of temperature, hits or scrapes during a trip, battery problems... The delicacy of the mechanism of a luxury automatic watch needs attention and specialized accessories to protect this kind of watches, as it is the case of the Watch Winder Boxes or the leather cases of High-end Jewellery.

It is essential that it is always functioning. That's why the currently famous Watch Winders, permanently in motion began to be sold few years ago. They allow the watch to be ongoing even though it is not used for a while.

We need to be careful with the magnetic fields that some electronic devices produce, because sometimes they are inevitably near the watch: currently there are many boxes to store watches with Watch Winders that don't have magnetic fields which can damage the watch, and besides they have low-power systems. They are usually more expensive than basic rotors but, they are worthy eventually.

The cleaning of the automatic watch must be regular and simple: a smooth dry cloth is enough, and it cannot have anything that can damage the shine or the glass of this piece. Also, the crown must be screwed to the maximum to avoid dirt goes inside their slits.