Chanel introduces its new collection: Les Talismanes de Chanel

The new collection of haute jewellery by Chanel presents mysterious designs and it has been introduces with the name Les Talismanes de  Chanel. 

Chanel mainly characterizes itself for creating symbolic pieces as the lucky charms or talismans, and this year one of its greatest creations has been inspired by the idea of the mythical and magical protective powers of talismans. The jewels of this collection stand out because of their stunning sparkles, almost hypnotic, and they express their power through solar and magnetic energies.

In most of these designs it seems that there is a point of convergence in the middle of every piece, as if the energy gets concentrated in that part of the jewel.

Solaire - Talismans Collection by Chanel

Within the collection we can find different lines that are called Envoutante, Magnétique, Secrète, Fascinante, Attirante, Mystérieuse, Solaire,  Charismatique, Hypnotique, Particulière and Les Talismans de Mademoiselle,  where we can see diamonds, Japanese pearls, sapphires, multi-colored lacquer and enamel... all for creating earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, either in yellow gold or white gold.

Envoutante - Talismans Collection by Chanel

All this turns them into exclusive luxury jewels within the haute jewellery, which Chanel usually offer to its public.

From Absolute Breton we admire the beauty of such unique pieces and that's why we love manufacturing luxury leather cases to store jewellery that can keep special and unique jewels like those presented by Chanel.


Cartier's new collection, Paris Nouvelle Vague is composed by 7 lines, each one is inspired on different personalities from Parisian women: the sparkling, the voluptuous, the mischievous, the impish, the glamour, the emancipated and the delicate. 

These special and attractive jewels are made with precious stones, diamonds, white, yellow and rose gold. 

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To celebrate it 125 anniversary, Bulgari introduces its new jewelry collection, Parentesi Cocktail.

This bright and elegant designs are created using precious gems like amethyst, blue topaz, aquamarine, green quartz and citrine quartz accompanied by pavé diamonds and gold-plated (yellow, white or rose).

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Tiffany & Co. has created a delightful and exquisite jewellery collection Art Decó style for the cinema production "The Great Gatsby".

The costume designer Baz Luhrmann, the film productor, Catherine Martin in collaboration the prestigious luxury brand, Tiffany & co. have developed these unique pieces based on 20s.



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