Tiffany & Co. has created a delightful and exquisite jewellery collection Art Decó style for the cinema production "The Great Gatsby".

The costume designer Baz Luhrmann, the film productor, Catherine Martin in collaboration the prestigious luxury brand, Tiffany & co. have developed these unique pieces based on 20s.



The American brand has designed the pieces inspired by the age which the film, adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, is developed, without losing the personal Tiffany essence. 

Marguerites, diamonds, onyx, platinum and pearls caracteristics of this decade are present on this jewellery collection representing the Jazz golden age luxury and glamour.


Tiffany & Co. was the ideal firm to make the film accesories as F. Scott Fitzgerald was an excelent customer of the brand. Also, the first company director, Louis C. Tiffany took part of the social circle described on the movie. 


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