It is said that writing with fountain pen is different to the pen, it is said that it confers to the handwriting a personal character. Its weight, form or size just like its decor, are revealing characteristics of the preferences of the lovers of this distinctive use's  object.

Each year, Madrid embraces the Madrid Pen Show. This year, 2016 is the XIII fair which Madrid dedicates to the fountain pen's world.




From 18th to 20th of November, the NH Eurobuilding Hotel, will fill one of its meeting rooms with relics with History and Design: the fountain pens. Objects of desire for many people who will attend to this event of international character.

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Absolute Bretón will be as exhibitor at the XII Pen Show in Madrid 2015

Fountain pens are still admired by many people, they symbolize elegance in writing and nowadays there are many who use them or collect them.

As a news of the digital newspaper Cinco días explained "Defenders of fountain pens argue that, beyond the effort and attention pens require, writing with them provides a pleasure that no screen can equal. The soft sliding of the nib on a quality paper creates a satisfaction which is absolutely tangible, and this feeling gets stronger when the fountain pen has been created with quality material and a verified manufacturer."

Absolute Bretón promotes and praises the use of fountains pens, as within a world surrounded by new technologies writing seems to tend to disappear a bit more every day. For this reason, we will be as exhibitors again in the XII Pen Show in Madrid, so that we can offer the lovers of this luxury and valuable article the opportunity  of store and protect them with leather cases especially designed to store fountain pens.

Fountain pen cases and boxes - Absolute Breton

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Every year  Montblanc introduces its "Patron of Art" edition, an annual limited edition which celebrates the contribution of historical patrons of arts since 1992.

2013 collection honours Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan and patron of Leonardo da Vinci.

The 4810 limited edition is made with gleaming black lacquer and 925 sterling silver inlays.  

The cone and the top of the cap are isnpired on the Castello Sforzesco. The reliefs embossed at the cap ring are based on a coin from the Italian Renaissance, called "testone" minted on the honour of the Duke while the 750 rhodium plated solid gold nib is engraved with the Sforza's crest. 

It'll be available 4810 pieces of this fountain pen with a price of 2.155 euros. 

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Montegrappa has created a limited edition fountain pen inside its collection "Creative Genius".

The italian firm has decided to pay homage to Salvador Dalí developing a exclusive fountain pen in 2 different versions. 

This piece called "Elefante del Espacio" can be purchased in noble metals like the gold and silver. 

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