It is said that writing with fountain pen is different to the pen, it is said that it confers to the handwriting a personal character. Its weight, form or size just like its decor, are revealing characteristics of the preferences of the lovers of this distinctive use's  object.

Each year, Madrid embraces the Madrid Pen Show. This year, 2016 is the XIII fair which Madrid dedicates to the fountain pen's world.




From 18th to 20th of November, the NH Eurobuilding Hotel, will fill one of its meeting rooms with relics with History and Design: the fountain pens. Objects of desire for many people who will attend to this event of international character.

This show is not only for writing's lovers, or else to the amateurs, curious, romantic or nostalgic people of this art considered "the old-fashioned way"

Each year, a wide variety of designs, materials and prices are displayed; besides old and modern models, limited edition or last novelties. This fair, of global example, has grown in each edition until become in specialist of old and cut-price fountain pens.

Some people will ask why this event is called "Madrid Pen Show". This is because everything writing's objects are included. The participants will be able to find all type of elements related to the writing or the desk; old watches, desk's objects and collecting's items will be displayed in the room too.

For this reason, BRETON see this event as an opportunity  to make public its exclusive products to this sector. Bespoke leather and customized items to store fountain pens or watches or desk's sets. We cannot forget our exclusive briefcases, cases or boxes to store fountain pens of great quality.

But the fountain pens are the central reason to gather many people. This Fair transmits the feeling that each pen makes feel in the hands from whom writes. It's a great pleasure for many.

Collectors, sellers and consumers will get together in a familiar and friendly atmosphere and they will be able to put in common knowledge and experiences. They will find fountain pens with more of 100 years old, which write like the first day.


Last, we would like to mention specially to Alfonso Mur, the promoter and organizing of this initiative, passionate and collector of fountain pens.