What do these hides have compared to the rest?


The beauty, the quality, the design, the exclusivity or the durability are the principal


attributes of these hides. The purchase of items as clothes, shoes, bags or wallets manufactured with exotic hides is considered as a luxury good, an investment. To all those attributes, we must add the exoticism factor.


The handmade manufacture of products made with hides as crocodile, python or ostrich, give to the purchaser an image of status and purchasing power. 

For this reason, the acquisition of this type of items is characteristic of the luxury sector. The big brands of bags and accessories are specialized en designs manufactured with these hides because of they are among the most demanded in this sector.


Below, some principal characteristics of the exotic hides:

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The leather is a material which offers many creative and of design's possibilities for all type of items: trunks, folders, cases, bags, bath or desk's accessories and a large etcetera....as know our craftsman Absolute Breton.

Besides, this material has useful advantages as its resistant to the traction, to the friction or to the deterioration or as its water-repellent ability.   The leather is a material very tempting to any business owner who loves the craftwork.

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How to take care of your leather products


Cowhide is not an artificial product but something completely natural. The whole process for its manufacture is designed to keep those characteristics and aspect.

Every leather has its own structure, its own scars and wrinkles' pattern... for this reason, each leather is unique and genuine.



There is just a few things as luxury as the appearance, smell and feeling of an artisan piece, handmade and covered with leather. An appropriate care will help to keep its beauty and will prolong its life.

Luxury leather products: how to keep them as new

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The importance of customizing items

Nowadays the customization of products or gifts is one of the key services that many businesses offer. The widespread growth or numerous productions are still trendy, but users tend more every day to look for personal, original bespoke products with character, exclusive items that only them can have. To sum  up, feeling that each one of them is special.

Some items handmade for Lady Georgina yacht as a collection

This is the core idea that Absolute Breton faces every day. Our customers trust us to offer a unique high-quality service, handmade and manufactured exclusively for him. The final decision is for them to make: colors, materials, finishes and accessories, besides the type of customization they wish.

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The best types of leather

There are some varieties of leather types used to manufacture different goods. Usually, they are classified by the animal they come from. An origin that defines their characteristics, because each one has specific marks that make them more suitable to their use in certain products.

At Absolute Breton, we mainly use cowhide, lambskin and eel leather for manufacturing our products. All of them are carefully selected in order to employ just those materials of the best quality, with adaptable and timeless designs.

Cowhide's characteristic is its high-end texture and its slightly rough touch. This kind of leather is very durable, so it is considered an excellent material to manufacture goods for the leather industry, such as: shoes, artisan goods, briefcases, wallets or the classical handbags made with leather from Ubrique.

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