The leather is a material which offers many creative and of design's possibilities for all type of items: trunks, folders, cases, bags, bath or desk's accessories and a large know our craftsman Absolute Breton.

Besides, this material has useful advantages as its resistant to the traction, to the friction or to the deterioration or as its water-repellent ability.   The leather is a material very tempting to any business owner who loves the craftwork.


Our CEO, Javier Villanueva, is a large experience's craftsman whose hands are very valued in the luxury sector. Example of this is that the 90% of his clients come from foreign luxury's market (yachts, jets, offices, mansions, luxury's project...).

As we have mentioned in previous posts, this market is a demanding market of high quality, exclusivity and demanding of unusual and extremely labourious leather's items.



We have to tell that, although the leather's use is in style between the great interior decorators, is a material little explored and used. We think that it exists an important lack of vision about it.

In relation to this, at Absolute Breton, day to day we explore new ways, methods or tools for its treatment and this way continue offering the elegance, cleanliness and exclusivity to our clients. In addition, continue improving as leather's professionals.

We don't scare us any projects because we are specialised in the creation and design of unusual leather's items:

The dinner ware set, the mini Icebox Suite Hotel or the caviar's trunk are examples of it.

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