What do these hides have compared to the rest?


The beauty, the quality, the design, the exclusivity or the durability are the principal


attributes of these hides. The purchase of items as clothes, shoes, bags or wallets manufactured with exotic hides is considered as a luxury good, an investment. To all those attributes, we must add the exoticism factor.


The handmade manufacture of products made with hides as crocodile, python or ostrich, give to the purchaser an image of status and purchasing power. 

For this reason, the acquisition of this type of items is characteristic of the luxury sector. The big brands of bags and accessories are specialized en designs manufactured with these hides because of they are among the most demanded in this sector.


Below, some principal characteristics of the exotic hides:


- Crocodile's Leather


It's the leather more appreciated around the world. It's an expensive leather because of its quality and the difficulty of find it. Also, it comes from the most exclusive tannery and its value is calculated in centimeter.



- Python's Leather


It's one of the favourite hides of the fashion's industry. Maybe this leather is considered like the most sophisticated and elegant of the all exotic hides.


They are soft, delicate and very pleasant to the touch, it gets that the beauty of the leather comes first in the item.


The possible marks and/or variations of the tone, are guarantee of its authenticity.


It's famous because of its great variety of colors and flexibility. It's said that the true beauty of this hide is discovered with the passage of time. 



- Ostrich's Leather 


It's considered like one of the hides more exotic and valued.


Its softness and its pearly effect (because of the plumage's trace), give beauty and originality; besides, it's a flexible leather and water resistant. Therefore, long-lasting in the time.


It's a leather very receptive to the dyeing process; it makes that we can get more of 100 different tones of colors.


Special mention to the leg of this bird because its leather is very valued. It's unique and expensive, and it's compound by a natural line of scales.




- Galuchat's Leather


It's characteristic of the luxury leather industry. Many people think that this leather comes from a mammal, but really comes from a fish.


Denominated Galuchat thanks to the artisan master Jean-Claude Galluchat, who in the middle of the century XVIII, will pay attention to the shark or ray's leather. After many procedures of tannery and colouring, he reached conclusions as this type of leather is a material very resistant and solid.




Breton has the ways and above everything qualified workforce to manufacture bespoke products with this type of hides: ostrich's wallets, eel's album, crocodile's luggage, etc.


It's very important the experience in the manufacture of exotic leather's items, because it goes hand in hand with quality.




We are showing some of our exclusive products made with these different types of leather.