There are some varieties of leather types used to manufacture different goods. Usually, they are classified by the animal they come from. An origin that defines their characteristics, because each one has specific marks that make them more suitable to their use in certain products.

At Absolute Breton, we mainly use cowhide, lambskin and eel leather for manufacturing our products. All of them are carefully selected in order to employ just those materials of the best quality, with adaptable and timeless designs.

Cowhide's characteristic is its high-end texture and its slightly rough touch. This kind of leather is very durable, so it is considered an excellent material to manufacture goods for the leather industry, such as: shoes, artisan goods, briefcases, wallets or the classical handbags made with leather from Ubrique.


Lambskin leather is thin, light and has a really soft touch. This type of leather is used a lot to create fashion clothing, among other luxury goods. We should point out that the lambskin leather which comes from Spanish lambs, as the Ubrique ones, are the best valued internationally.

The products manufactured with exotic leather, such as the eel leather, have a more exclusive and peculiar character. Eel leather has a very soft touch. These types of leather are not so well-known and they are hard to find, so their production is not as abundant as the cowhide's production can be. Reptiles' leather is used many times, for example, for the manufacture of shoes, belts or wallets.

Another exclusive leather is the one obtained from the goat. It has a fine texture, it is fibrous and compact, and it is generally used for creating high-end products such as luxury shoes, handbags, wallets or belts.



On our online store of leather goods from Ubrique you will find high-end products manufactured with some of these types of leather. We are introducing a new collection of original fountain pen cases, glasses cases and jewellery boxes, in whose manufacture we have taken care of the smallest details, so the result is an item offering the best quality and durability. Come and take a look.