Nowadays the customization of products or gifts is one of the key services that many businesses offer. The widespread growth or numerous productions are still trendy, but users tend more every day to look for personal, original bespoke products with character, exclusive items that only them can have. To sum  up, feeling that each one of them is special.

Some items handmade for Lady Georgina yacht as a collection

This is the core idea that Absolute Breton faces every day. Our customers trust us to offer a unique high-quality service, handmade and manufactured exclusively for him. The final decision is for them to make: colors, materials, finishes and accessories, besides the type of customization they wish.

Customizing an article may seems a simple and fast process. However, there are many steps to follow, besides the decisions that need to be made.

Customization can be smaller or bigger and its position may vary depending on what piece we are manufacturing. Moreover, the client can choose the type of embossing: blind-embossing (with no color at all, just pressure and heat) or with a specific color: silver, gold, black... White, for example, we don't usually recommend it at our workshop because its pigmentation and composition does not offer a neat finish, especially if the stamp is large and the leather is textured.

Once the size, position and type of embossing have been decided, and we have the logo or name the customer wishes, the stamp can be ordered. After that the embossing can be made. This must be done in one of the leather panels of the product, as the piece cannot be embossed after it has been finished. For the embossing, there has to be some heat and pressure on the leather. This way, if the item was finished, that heat and pressure could leave a mark on the other side of the embossing, and the finish of the product would not be the best one.

If the customer wants his customization to have a specific color, as the color of his business for example, when it comes to make the embossing there will be a layer with the color chosen between the leather and the stamp. This way when we add pressure and heat such layer gets stuck into the leather and leaves the color in the piece.

It is always easier to customize smooth leather than textured leather, because reading the embossing gets harder on textured leather due to its own finish, design and texture. This is the reason why we don't usually suggest blind-embossing textured leather.

Customized leather goods for great yachts and luxury hotels handmade by Absolute Breton

There are some items that cannot be embossed because of its shape or material. In our case for example our boxes for watches or fountain pens with glass lid don't allow this option. However we offer the possibility of placing a small leather tag with the embossing requested by the customer. This way, the product itself is not embossed but it is customized.

Generally, customization has become a synonym for character and originality, so every business that offers it will always have a potential customer.