Technical machines to work with leather

Leather products have always had a great value, they are delicate but at the same time they have a huge durability, and they are always linked to luxury.

That is why, as we explained in another entry of our blog about the best types of leather, every skin must be treated with specific techniques as they have a different behaviour and characteristics. For that reason, at our artisan workshop in Ubrique we have the best leather experts and we use the best techniques and machines to obtain exclusive, bespoke and luxury leather products.

Depending on the piece requested by our customer, the leather should have a specific thickness. This way, if we need the leather to be easier to handle, we should make it thinner. If our intention is leaving leather have a body and be bulkier and rigid, we should not sharpen it.

When we have to acquire a specific thickness, specially for the large pieces like for example the exclusive leather decoration items, the leather panels are very wide so we make use of machinery such as the splitting leather machine, which allows the leather to have a particular thickness in all its surface. This is a machine with a delicate precision and this operation requires having a good knowledge of the machine and also the leather it will modify.

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One of the spirits biggest brand on the world, Diageo, present its last limited edition of Johnnie Walker Blue Label collection designed by emblematic designers like Alfred Dunhill in this case.

The traveller's trunk is a wonderful set which has all the necessary accesories to enjoy the mentioned whisky:

4 engraved crystal glass, a funnel, a pair of ice tongs and a Dunhill hunter flask.

Based on Dunhill clasic vintage trunk "Chassis", this design more modern posses the Blue Label characteristic colors on the leather which cover the birch structure decorated with lead and copper motifs. 

It'll be available to buy only 500 units. 

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After the last fashion week developed in Paris, where prestigious firms and admirable designers show their fall-winter 2013/2014 collection, we can start to find for sale the new and recent articles from these lines for the next season.   

Chloé introduces an urban and feminine collection giving a youthful, modern and cosmopolitan touch to its designs. 

Its complements and fashion items mix sober and wintry colors like white, black, cobalt blue, grey with elegant tints such as red, coral and golden.  

Basically, the accesories are made with cowskin and felt fabric while the jewels are manufactured with brass and volcanic stones. 

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To take advantage of the revolution caused by new technologies leading by tablets and smartphones, the most of the luxury firms have created characteristics products for this electronic items. 

Designers try to attract consumer's attention developing cases which make the difference.  

Due to Apple boom, we can find our ideal accesory which adapts our likes and necessities for the different iphones and ipads available on market.  

The italian company Prada, introduces a range with actual style and simple shapes. Its articles are made in leather: cow leather, lamb napa, ostrich and crocodile using wooden mould to manufacture them. 

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Loewe develops a new collection with a young touch called "Tales of Spain".  

This new collection is made with stamping leather and silk. It has been designed by Stuart Vevers which represents in this pieces, classic spanish motifs like the manila shawl. 


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