Yachts and Jets


The tendency in the internal decoration of a yacht has developed in the last years.

No much time ago, the useful spaces, specify nautical designs and a classic style were looked for its interiors. Right now, you will find other home in its interior.

Nowadays, the tendency is to design a yacht's interior comfortable and with style, like your own home. The yacht's interior varies according to the client and the region, but always it's looked for an use oriented to the coexistence: offices, sitting rooms, terraces...

An environment of glamour, style, elegant lines and luxury are the principal parameters. Incorporating to the design everything what is similar to your home on "terra firma", as foldable balconies or extensible terraces. The yacht's client wishes on the sea what he has in land.

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Luxury's world and the industry always caused a great fascination. The reason for this is the sale of "dreams".

The formula for making a space in a very demanding sector it's no easy.

It's an industry which needs a permanent renovation. Everything has to have the best quality and excellence.


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The best way to store and protect the most exclusive dinnerware in a yacht

A dinnerware set is an essential element to dress a good table no matter if the event is formal or not, or if it takes place in a house, mansion or yacht. Besides, it isn't just useful, but it provides an elegant touch.

For that reason, when you find a dinnerware set that has everything you want for your table and the decoration of your yacht, you should take care of it and keep it properly stored.

Taking this into account and thinking about the needs of the yachting sector, at the workshop of Absolute Breton we have reflected on which would be the best way to carry the dinnerware set from one yacht to another, at the same time that it can be perfectly organized and protected from possible damages when it's not being used.

Column compound of stackable trays to store a dinnerware set for yachts

After a long time and lots of dedication, we are pleased to present a stackable column compound of 3 trays especially designed for a really special dinnerware set.

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Leather coordinated collections has notably increased in recent years

Absolute Breton is a brand that has manufactured exclusive leather items for different sectors as jewelry and watch stores, decoration, restaurants and hospitality sector...among others ̶ and they usually place bespoke orders using different types of leather.

However, since we started to work inside the luxury yachts and private jets' world, elaborating combined products to create a coordinated collection with the same leather and color has become one of the most demanded requisites when we receive an order.

Leather products manufactured by Absolute Breton for yachts and jet

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New especial leather products for yachts

New year began and it brings new creations, exclusive products made in luxury leather and designed for the most demanding yacht's owners and interior designers.

Among our news we have to highlight our baskets for towels and lotions.

New baskets for towels handmade in leather for luxury yachts

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