The decoration of the interiors of a yacht or any other high-end recreational vessel demands a special attention and knowledge of the environment in which the work will be made. Though the new designs of luxury yachts are betting on the diaphanous spaces, a bigger importance of the common zones instead of the cabins and the aperture of wider windows so that the light goes in. Traditionally, yachts are limited spaces, quite compartmentalized, with  no much versatility and stuck to the dictatorship of the aeronautics.

Besides, it is important to know that the materials used need to be resistant to the environment conditions where these vessels move: humidity, high salinity, abrupt changes of temperature, direct sunbeams...And for the space, as it is very limited, we need to make the most of it but trying not to overdo it.

Convenience, personality and beauty should be accurately combined when it comes to deal with the interior decoration of a luxury yacht, playing with furniture and naval carpentry's details specifically designed for every corner with which the owner feels identified and sees himself in it.

Storage areas (closets, drawers, shoes baskets...) are essential in these singular recreational spaces and they must be practical, functional and plain, so that the attention is really focused on the decoration details added to every space, without giving up on having around and perfectly organized anything you need indeed.

One of the rooms that needs to be designed more closely is the dining room area of the yacht. It should be an adaptable space so that the number of dinner guests can be varied depending on the needs of every trip to open sea and it does not become an obstacle when the dinner is not being served.

As well, the decoration of the cabins should be approached with delicacy and practicality: beds must be comfortable, very stable and short, in order to avoid noticing the movements of the boat and rest well. Besides, all the cabins must have versatile closets, equipped with hangers and all kind of accessories needed to always keep the baggage in order.

As it can be deduced from these small notes, decorating a yacht is a task that professional interior designers who are specialized in vessels must develop. At Absolute Breton we work closely with some of the best interior designers, and for many years, we have been manufacturing all types of decoration items for yachts and recreational vessels, completely customized.

They are goods covered with leather –one of the most appreciated materials for the interior decoration of luxury yachts, strange as it may sound due to its delicacy–, especially treated to guarantee their durability and its impeccable maintenance whatever it is the use we give them: either if they are just decorative or they are daily objects, such as the leather placemats for yachts of our latest collection and the hangers lined with leather for the closets of the cabins.

From our experience, we always recommend to put your trust in decorators specialized in luxury yachts, demand the maximum quality possible of the materials (you get what you pay for) and incorporate custom details to endow every space with soul and character, so that the ensemble emanate warmth and nearness without giving up on exclusiveness.