At our leather workshop from Ubrique we are always creating new designs and items which will be able to provide an original, innovative and elegant touch to our customers. They are always products oriented to all kind of sectors: decoration, watch shops, jewelry shops, gifts... but this time we have focused on the luxury yachting world and jet world.

We introduce the most select collection of bath accessories for yachts handmade with leather from Ubrique. Absolute Breton has worked with the best designers and master artisans to supply genuine leather products which will offer a unique aspect to private yachts or jets.

This cared collection of leather goods is compound of different articles that you can get separately or as a whole creating a coordinated collection, and the best thing of all: you can always choose the leather and finishes that you wish.

Some of our accessories for bath are: soap dispenser, soap trays, toothbrush holder, tray for hairbrushes, toilet brush holder, or bin for bathroom.

These new items for the bathroom, especially designed for luxury yachts and jets, have been manufactured with a wood shell lined with leather, and in their inside most of them have a ceramic holder, so that the pieces can keep the hygiene everybody needs in a bathroom. They are easy to clean and really practical, beside the style and beauty that all of them will provide to the bathroom of a yacht or private aircraft.

Quality, functionality, design and elegance are Absolute Breton's goals when we start manufacturing any article. Don't miss the opportunity of having a coordinated collection of one of the most prestigious leather brands of Spain.

They all are available online in our website, within the section devoted to Yachts & Aircrafts. However, they can also be ordered by contacting us. This is actually the perfect time to get a bespoke and personal collection which will endow every corner of the bath of a private yacht or jet with character and personality.