Continuing our latest news regarding some accessories for the bathroom previously shown in our blog, now we go on with some baskets for lotions, creams or cotton that you can also place in the bath of a yacht or jet. These boxes will endow any luxury bathroom of yachts, private jets or villas with style and elegance.

New luxury leather baskets from Absolute Breton

They are special trays created with methacrylate and then lined with the finest leather from Ubrique. As always the finish will be the one chosen y the customer: cowhide, lamb nappa, eel leather...


These boxes and baskets can be manufactured with a lid perfect to protect their interior from dust or they can be created just without any cover. Besides, they can also be acquired with interior dividers which are made of methacrylate too, a resistant and see-through material. This way it is easier to organize the luxury products these pretty trays can keep in its inside as the dividers are movable and removable.

Both, trays and dividers can be made to measure so the customer can always ask for a specific dimension, maybe to store them in their favorite cupboard.

Absolute Breton is always looking for new ideas and useful items for yachting world. This time we focused on supplying hygienic products for the bathroom covered with the best quality leather by our master artisans at our workshop in Ubrique. They are products which can also endow this room with some elegance and style.

Functionality and fashion can be combined to create these kind of luxury leather accessories that will make any yacht owner proud of the interior and exterior of his vessel.

These boxes will also be available online in the section created for Yachts & Aircrafts in our website, but they can always be ordered, and even customized, by contacting us via email or phone.