Altwork, the new luxury furniture that can change life at office

Those who work in an office and spend lots of hours sat in their chair will know perfectly that staying so much time in the same position in front of a desk can be exhausting. However, the creation of Altwork can radically improve this situation.

Altwork's design for luxury offices

Altwork is a new type of furniture that brings together a desk, a monitor and a chair, which can be adapted to different positions, and you can work while you remain standing, sat or almost laid. Its creators have called it the "station".

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Desk sets and writing cases, the most unnoticed desktop products

Either if you have your office at home or at work, being organized is always essential. The desktop items are very usable and practical products everywhere. Who doesn't like having always clean and neat their desk or bureau? However, many of these pieces are not very well valued or they don't get the importance they can have, especially if they are products made with exclusive materials like leather.

At Absolute Bretón we have designed several pieces for desktop which will ease your daily work, and they will also provide distinction and elegance to your desk. The user usually forgets some of these items and they become unnoticed despite the importance they can have, without forgetting their usefulness as decorative elements. This is the case of our leather desk pads, for example.

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