The Importance of Humidors

We are dedicating the blog of today for good cigars' lovers.

Luxurious Delicate Treasure, which in the same manner of great wines, are needed of a good and delicate conservation if we want to get a "Premium" cigar. It's a product totally organic that it requires a rigorous treatment and nothing of artifical technicals.

For all that, it's necessary an obligatory investment: To acquire an humidor.  For the conservation of these select cigars and the sensorial enjoyment that they make us feel.

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On Father's Day, surprise him with a very special gift

Next March 19th it's Father's Day. A very special day to remind our fathers that they are special and unique too. A day to thank them for all the sacrifice they do for their kids and their efforts to get everything for them. Actually, we should try to remember this every day and it should not be necessary having this day to make them know it, but at least you have now an excuse to tell him how thankful you are for all his effort and dedication.

Discover the most original and exclusive leather gifts for Father's Day handmade by Absolute Breton

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Ideas for leather gifts for Valentine's Day that will make you hit the nail on the head

Even though we should not wait for St. Valentine's Day to come to demonstrate our love, this day gives us the perfect opportunity to surprise our partner. February is here, St. Valentine's day is near and it offers a moment that many use to give a present to the person we love the most. That's why at Absolute Breton we provide some perfect ideas for this especial day.

Ideas for leather gifts for Valentine's Day

At our website you can choose the items and leather types you like the most, and also we offer the possibility of manufacturing custom gifts by embossing any name on it. We have a wide range of products handmade with genuine leather from Ubrique that you can customize to surprise your partner.

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Gift quality, originality and exclusiveness with some leather goods at Christmas

Christmas is always a time for gratitude, presents and also some commitments. For that reason, from Absolute Breton we want to help you so that you can be completely right with your gifts in that day.

Leather is always a wise choice: it never goes out of fashion and at the same time it seems like years pass by them. That's why leather goods are always so well appreciated and demanded.

Exclusive leather goods made by Absolute Breton

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On Mother's Day show her how important she is for you

Next 3rd May is Mother's Day. An important date to remind mothers that all of them are special and unique. Giving their life for their child is a big act of love and it is important to thank them all the sacrifice they do. It should not be necessary that this day come in order to make them know it, but at least this way you have an excuse to tell her how much you love her and how thankful you are for all her effort and dedication.

A good way to cheer her up is giving her something that proves how important she is for you. And there is nothing like a gift customised exclusivelyfor her to make her feel unique and special. At Absolute Breton we have a whole series of artisan products handmade with genuine leather from Ubrique that you will be able to personalise to surprise your mum.

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