The Spanish brand, ABSOLUTE BRETON, announces that it will present a new exclusive model of shoe's basket to the season Summer 2017.

The supplier of luxury leather accessories wishes improving and updating its products portfolio redesigning his decoration's line. The product will be presented as an evolution of the previous article, model B.1784, accessory manufactured to place any kind of shoe and keeping it organized and tidied up.

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Leather Trays Collection

At Absolute Breton we have endless and varied leather items with unique and exclusive finishes. Among them you can find different leather trays that we have manufactured for many years and included in our catalogue, always looking for their originality and usefulness and using the knowledge that more than 25 years of experience have provided us.

Discover the new collection of leather trays handmade by Absolute Breton

At our online store of luxury leather products you will find a wide range of trays with different sizes and designs.

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December, a special month for decoration

December is here and it brings meetings, celebrations, feast days... some important dates marked in the calendar. For that reason we decided we should talk about the special decoration that we can find in most homes, hotels or restaurants in those days.

The Christmas tree is something we must mention in these cases, because this is usually the main piece among the Christmas ornaments and they have endless possibilities. There are people who buy different accessories like colorful balls, tinsels, angels... and there are people who prefer creating their own ornaments with funny decorative cookies, thread, wool... However, there is another material that can be perfectly use to manufacture these accessories: leather.

Leather accessories to decor the Christmas tree


Pictures from Pinterest

Leather can allow us to create different shapes which can be also plain or padded, with different hues. Besides, the originality and durability that this material offers is something to take into account too.

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The importance of decoration and tableware when setting a table. Menu Folders

Summer is coming and it brings some high temperatures that lead us to go out and enjoy the good weather having lunch or dinner or drinking a coffee, no matter if it is at the terrace of a restaurant next to the sea, at the pool, at the coffee shop or, for some lucky ones, at the deck of a yacht.

Table at the Skylounge

Picture taken from Yachting Pages

Wherever it is, we all like enjoying a moment for relaxation and rest to relish the landscape having a good lunch or dinner. But when we have to choose that perfect place, sometimes it comes into play the esthetic  and appearance of such place. That's why the decoration and atmosphere created in every restaurant, bar, coffee shop... and especially in the interior of every yacht is so important. (Recently we posted some tips about the decoration of yacht interiors)

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Leather goods decoration has strongly entered in 2014, and it is sneaking in many homes to be the star of rooms, lounges, halls... It is one of the most current trends in decoration, and we are seeing it either for furniture, carpets or ornamental pieces.

Decorating with leather provides a style on its own to the rooms and, specially, pervades elegance and sophistication to the spaces. It is a classic material that has always been valid for decoration, but now it returns on a renewed way.

One of the most trendy elements are furniture with leather finishes, but in this case, designers and leather workers wanted to go further, also using leather and hide for many other handmade decoration products and unique pieces of art. At Absolute Breton we count on a recently renewed catalogue of leather goods, with different decorative products that provide that touch of elegance and character that only leather can offer.

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