Summer is coming and it brings some high temperatures that lead us to go out and enjoy the good weather having lunch or dinner or drinking a coffee, no matter if it is at the terrace of a restaurant next to the sea, at the pool, at the coffee shop or, for some lucky ones, at the deck of a yacht.

Table at the Skylounge

Picture taken from Yachting Pages

Wherever it is, we all like enjoying a moment for relaxation and rest to relish the landscape having a good lunch or dinner. But when we have to choose that perfect place, sometimes it comes into play the esthetic  and appearance of such place. That's why the decoration and atmosphere created in every restaurant, bar, coffee shop... and especially in the interior of every yacht is so important. (Recently we posted some tips about the decoration of yacht interiors)

However, if we go further, it is not only about the general decoration and atmosphere, but also all the details that we can find in the table: cutlery, silverware, glasses, table linens, placemats, napkin holders, menu folder...Each one is an important item for the whole outfit to be in harmony.

As we mentioned previously in our blog, decoration with leather is a reliable and long-lasting option, apart from being a trend in 2015. Leather is something that never goes out of fashion and it has elegance and distinction which help to eventually obtain a wonderful esthetic.

At Absolute Breton we manufacture different leather products for a table like: leather napkin holders, rigid or flexible leather placemats, leather coasters, and especially leather menu folders. The range of possibilities for manufacturing each one of those items is infinite, as in case the customer wishes a specific and custom design that we don't have in our catalogue, we can adapt ourselves and always respect his desires.

Our offer of leather menu folders for yachts, private aircrafts and jets, hotels, restaurants... is huge. These can have two pages DIN A4, fastened by 8 corner flaps or fastened by screws for plastic sleeves, which can also be lined with a pretty design in leather.

One more possible choice for the interior of a menu folder is fastening the pages with 4 plastic bands, a double interior divider with corner flaps or a classic ring binder.

Absolute Breton Menu Folders for Yachts and Jets

All of them can be manufactured with the size desired: DIN A4, DIN A5, DIN A6... or even a thinner and smaller size known as SLIM, whose width is usually the half of the DIN A4 width.

Furthermore, there are some other models for menu folders which are not only used at restaurants, coffee shops, dining rooms or the rest areas of a private yacht or jet, but also at desks, offices or cabins, as they include some pads, pen loops, side pockets or clips to fasten the sheets.

All of them can be found at our online store of luxury leather products, next to many other special items placed in the menu of the different sectors we usually work for, apart from the hospitality sector and the yachting world: watches and jewelry shops, gifts, decoration...