Gift quality, originality and exclusiveness with some leather goods at Christmas

Christmas is always a time for gratitude, presents and also some commitments. For that reason, from Absolute Breton we want to help you so that you can be completely right with your gifts in that day.

Leather is always a wise choice: it never goes out of fashion and at the same time it seems like years pass by them. That's why leather goods are always so well appreciated and demanded.

Exclusive leather goods made by Absolute Breton

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The most luxury and original hotels worldwide gathered in two great collections

Nobody can deny the fact that there is an endless number of types of lodgings around the world: inns, cottages, hostels, five-stars hotels, luxury hotels... The last ones seem to have a very specific and limited public, however that's only apparently.

Actually, there are a great number of luxury hotels worldwide, from Asia to America and Africa. All of them or at least the majority of them characterizes themselves for having all the possible details to guarantee the best quality in service and also in facilities, and this way the stay of their guests becomes unforgettable. At this point, their decoration, design, location and distribution are also really important.

The most luxury hotels worldwide

The website Grand Luxury Hotels has created two grand collections where it gathers the most luxury and exceptional hotels around the world: The Grand Collection and The Exigenz Collection.

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Absolute Bretón will be as exhibitor at the XII Pen Show in Madrid 2015

Fountain pens are still admired by many people, they symbolize elegance in writing and nowadays there are many who use them or collect them.

As a news of the digital newspaper Cinco días explained "Defenders of fountain pens argue that, beyond the effort and attention pens require, writing with them provides a pleasure that no screen can equal. The soft sliding of the nib on a quality paper creates a satisfaction which is absolutely tangible, and this feeling gets stronger when the fountain pen has been created with quality material and a verified manufacturer."

Absolute Bretón promotes and praises the use of fountains pens, as within a world surrounded by new technologies writing seems to tend to disappear a bit more every day. For this reason, we will be as exhibitors again in the XII Pen Show in Madrid, so that we can offer the lovers of this luxury and valuable article the opportunity  of store and protect them with leather cases especially designed to store fountain pens.

Fountain pen cases and boxes - Absolute Breton

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Apple Watch: Haute Horlogerie and high technology together in the same product

The world of the Haute Horlogerie and the high technology of Apple brand has come together this year to create the new Apple Watch. People from 9 different countries can buy it since last April.

Right now it already has a new software update and there are also appearing new accessories for the last product of this famous firm from California: from straps to cases. Apple offers different options like rubber straps, magnetic closure or the two most classic options: bracelet and leather.

Types of Apple Watches
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The Chest for Picnic, a new leather product manufactured by Absolute Bretón

Travelling in a yacht can be one of the great pleasures of life. However, yachts are not always sailing but they berth in the most luxury and diverse harbors and quays. There they can enjoy the visit of a city and its surroundings. For this reason Absolute Breton has included a new article in its catalogue: a Chest for Picnic.

Chest for Picnic with original leather handles

This chest has the following dimensions: 123 x 73 x 45 cm, it was manufactured with rattan and bamboo and it has 2 strong and beautiful leather handles (right now we have two designs for them) fastened in both sides to easy the transport. In its interior, bottom and interior lid included, it was lined with color matching fabric. It is an ideal product for picnicking and enjoying a day outside the boat, either in the beach or a park.

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