Chanel introduces its new collection: Les Talismanes de Chanel

The new collection of haute jewellery by Chanel presents mysterious designs and it has been introduces with the name Les Talismanes de  Chanel. 

Chanel mainly characterizes itself for creating symbolic pieces as the lucky charms or talismans, and this year one of its greatest creations has been inspired by the idea of the mythical and magical protective powers of talismans. The jewels of this collection stand out because of their stunning sparkles, almost hypnotic, and they express their power through solar and magnetic energies.

In most of these designs it seems that there is a point of convergence in the middle of every piece, as if the energy gets concentrated in that part of the jewel.

Solaire - Talismans Collection by Chanel

Within the collection we can find different lines that are called Envoutante, Magnétique, Secrète, Fascinante, Attirante, Mystérieuse, Solaire,  Charismatique, Hypnotique, Particulière and Les Talismans de Mademoiselle,  where we can see diamonds, Japanese pearls, sapphires, multi-colored lacquer and enamel... all for creating earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, either in yellow gold or white gold.

Envoutante - Talismans Collection by Chanel

All this turns them into exclusive luxury jewels within the haute jewellery, which Chanel usually offer to its public.

From Absolute Breton we admire the beauty of such unique pieces and that's why we love manufacturing luxury leather cases to store jewellery that can keep special and unique jewels like those presented by Chanel.

The importance of customizing items

Nowadays the customization of products or gifts is one of the key services that many businesses offer. The widespread growth or numerous productions are still trendy, but users tend more every day to look for personal, original bespoke products with character, exclusive items that only them can have. To sum  up, feeling that each one of them is special.

Some items handmade for Lady Georgina yacht as a collection

This is the core idea that Absolute Breton faces every day. Our customers trust us to offer a unique high-quality service, handmade and manufactured exclusively for him. The final decision is for them to make: colors, materials, finishes and accessories, besides the type of customization they wish.

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Cream Baskets for Luxury Bathrooms

Continuing our latest news regarding some accessories for the bathroom previously shown in our blog, now we go on with some baskets for lotions, creams or cotton that you can also place in the bath of a yacht or jet. These boxes will endow any luxury bathroom of yachts, private jets or villas with style and elegance.

New luxury leather baskets from Absolute Breton

They are special trays created with methacrylate and then lined with the finest leather from Ubrique. As always the finish will be the one chosen y the customer: cowhide, lamb nappa, eel leather...

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Last April Four Seasons revealed its completed private jet, a Boeing 757 with a Rolls Royce motor. The jet has been customized by many designers and has seats for 52 passengers.

Ten is the number of the people forming the crew. This includes an Executive Chef, a Sous Chef, a Four Seasons Concierge and a Global Guest Services Manager. The airline’s chef Kerry Sear "Our aim is to recreate the hotel experience on the Four Seasons Private Jet, which means creating innovative meals using fresh ingredients, served on the finest tableware and linens, all with impeccable Four Seasons service. The only real difference is that occasionally we have to do a little juggling when there’s turbulence."

 The new private jet of Four Seasons

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The importance of decoration and tableware when setting a table. Menu Folders

Summer is coming and it brings some high temperatures that lead us to go out and enjoy the good weather having lunch or dinner or drinking a coffee, no matter if it is at the terrace of a restaurant next to the sea, at the pool, at the coffee shop or, for some lucky ones, at the deck of a yacht.

Table at the Skylounge

Picture taken from Yachting Pages

Wherever it is, we all like enjoying a moment for relaxation and rest to relish the landscape having a good lunch or dinner. But when we have to choose that perfect place, sometimes it comes into play the esthetic  and appearance of such place. That's why the decoration and atmosphere created in every restaurant, bar, coffee shop... and especially in the interior of every yacht is so important. (Recently we posted some tips about the decoration of yacht interiors)

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