Desk sets and writing cases, the most unnoticed desktop products

Either if you have your office at home or at work, being organized is always essential. The desktop items are very usable and practical products everywhere. Who doesn't like having always clean and neat their desk or bureau? However, many of these pieces are not very well valued or they don't get the importance they can have, especially if they are products made with exclusive materials like leather.

At Absolute Bretón we have designed several pieces for desktop which will ease your daily work, and they will also provide distinction and elegance to your desk. The user usually forgets some of these items and they become unnoticed despite the importance they can have, without forgetting their usefulness as decorative elements. This is the case of our leather desk pads, for example.

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The most important yachting shows worldwide

The new year began with new projects and events like the most important yachting shows worldwide. At Absolute Breton we would like to sum up the most important events in this sector, since we are closer now to this luxury yachting market we could checked the importance that these types of events have in this sector. There you can appreciate every news and trends arriving in 2015.

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Leather Bath Accessories

At our leather workshop from Ubrique we are always creating new designs and items which will be able to provide an original, innovative and elegant touch to our customers. They are always products oriented to all kind of sectors: decoration, watch shops, jewelry shops, gifts... but this time we have focused on the luxury yachting world and jet world.

We introduce the most select collection of bath accessories for yachts handmade with leather from Ubrique. Absolute Breton has worked with the best designers and master artisans to supply genuine leather products which will offer a unique aspect to private yachts or jets.

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The best types of leather

There are some varieties of leather types used to manufacture different goods. Usually, they are classified by the animal they come from. An origin that defines their characteristics, because each one has specific marks that make them more suitable to their use in certain products.

At Absolute Breton, we mainly use cowhide, lambskin and eel leather for manufacturing our products. All of them are carefully selected in order to employ just those materials of the best quality, with adaptable and timeless designs.

Cowhide's characteristic is its high-end texture and its slightly rough touch. This kind of leather is very durable, so it is considered an excellent material to manufacture goods for the leather industry, such as: shoes, artisan goods, briefcases, wallets or the classical handbags made with leather from Ubrique.

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Technical machines to work with leather

Leather products have always had a great value, they are delicate but at the same time they have a huge durability, and they are always linked to luxury.

That is why, as we explained in another entry of our blog about the best types of leather, every skin must be treated with specific techniques as they have a different behaviour and characteristics. For that reason, at our artisan workshop in Ubrique we have the best leather experts and we use the best techniques and machines to obtain exclusive, bespoke and luxury leather products.

Depending on the piece requested by our customer, the leather should have a specific thickness. This way, if we need the leather to be easier to handle, we should make it thinner. If our intention is leaving leather have a body and be bulkier and rigid, we should not sharpen it.

When we have to acquire a specific thickness, specially for the large pieces like for example the exclusive leather decoration items, the leather panels are very wide so we make use of machinery such as the splitting leather machine, which allows the leather to have a particular thickness in all its surface. This is a machine with a delicate precision and this operation requires having a good knowledge of the machine and also the leather it will modify.

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