On Mother's Day show her how important she is for you

Next 3rd May is Mother's Day. An important date to remind mothers that all of them are special and unique. Giving their life for their child is a big act of love and it is important to thank them all the sacrifice they do. It should not be necessary that this day come in order to make them know it, but at least this way you have an excuse to tell her how much you love her and how thankful you are for all her effort and dedication.

A good way to cheer her up is giving her something that proves how important she is for you. And there is nothing like a gift customised exclusivelyfor her to make her feel unique and special. At Absolute Breton we have a whole series of artisan products handmade with genuine leather from Ubrique that you will be able to personalise to surprise your mum.

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Decoration of yacht interiors: key points

The decoration of the interiors of a yacht or any other high-end recreational vessel demands a special attention and knowledge of the environment in which the work will be made. Though the new designs of luxury yachts are betting on the diaphanous spaces, a bigger importance of the common zones instead of the cabins and the aperture of wider windows so that the light goes in. Traditionally, yachts are limited spaces, quite compartmentalized, with  no much versatility and stuck to the dictatorship of the aeronautics.

Besides, it is important to know that the materials used need to be resistant to the environment conditions where these vessels move: humidity, high salinity, abrupt changes of temperature, direct sunbeams...And for the space, as it is very limited, we need to make the most of it but trying not to overdo it.

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How to extend your automatic watch's life

Automatic watches are pieces of the fine watch sector, genuine jewels for collection that allow you to show yourself with elegance and naturalnessany time, but also they are one of the watches requiring more maintenance and protection in order to keep them perfectly and avoid the effects that time has on them.

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French wines, the top of the most expensive wines worldwide

Nobody can deny that France has always played a star role concerning the production of quality wine. Indeed, some grape ranges such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc come from France. Nowadays, these are present worldwide and they have also been used to elaborate the most valuable wines in the market.

The specialized has created a list with the most expensive wines in the world, in which the French wines are in the highest positions of this ranking, next to some German wines.

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