• Leather Luxury and Exclusiveness

    Welcome to Absolute Breton, the Spanish brand of leather craftsmanship from Ubrique, specialized in exclusive goods, luxury items, and leather fashion, and manufactured with artisan techniques according to the most refined furrier tradition.

    Visit our store of luxury leather goods and buy online (without shipping costs for national zone) those leather fashion accessories or decoration items that will make you feel special, different, unique. We invite you to discover our selection of original gifts and surprise your loved ones with a singular and unforgettable present, handmade with the best quality leather.

Bespoke leather goods

Bespoke leather goods

If you are looking for customized leather goods or gifts with leather from Ubrique so that you can surprise someone or adequate the product to the style or image of the brand of your business, do not hesitate and contact our team of artisans in Ubrique: we offer the possibility of customizing any leather item that you can find on our online store.

Moreover, we respond to special orders to create unique handicraft items, designed especially for the customers and their brands. We work for the first luxury brands specialised in fashion, jewellery, watch stores and interior decoration.

Enjoy a new concept of a bespoke artisan gift that will leave a lasting mark. Our designs adapt to your needs and can make real any item that you can imagine, in a very different and customized manner.

You can choose the type of leather finish from among a wide range of leather types and inner linings. Besides, you could emboss any of our goods with your name, initials or the brand name of your business, an interesting possibility for corporative gifts: leather goods with the embossed logotype or the name of the employee.

For more information, please fill in the information request form that you can find in the CONTACT section.

Decoration for yachts and jets

Aquí encontrará todo tipo de artículos de diseño elaborados a mano en piel auténtica de la mejor calidad: objetos de menaje para yates y aviones, detalles de decoración para embarcaciones de recreo, muebles singulares y la mayor colección de complementos de lujo para decorar.

Consulte nuestro catálogo de artículos de piel de lujo para yates y aviones de alta gama y, si desea alguno de ellos personalizado y hecho a medida, solo tiene que solicitarlo: en nuestro taller de piel de Ubrique trabajamos con los mayores expertos peleteros de España y creamos objetos únicos para cada espacio y para cada cliente. Siempre con la máxima garantía de calidad.
Decoration for yahcts and jets
Leather cases

Leather casing

At our workshop, we design and create leather cases for travelling or storing all types of items such as watches, jewels, fountainpens or cigars.

We choose the best hidesand skins for the exterior and the best fabrics for the interior, taking care of every detail and keeping functionality in mind.

Check our catalogue full of luxury leather cases— if you want to customize any of them or have a bespoke item, our artisan team will design the piece that fits your needs.

Hotels, restaurants and wine cellars

Are you looking for decoration items for hotels, restaurants or wine cellars? Menus, wine lists, bottle racks, mini-bar...At Absolute Breton we specialise in exclusive accessories for decorating hotels, restaurants and wineries.

We manufacture any type of bespoke items or accessories that your business needs. Furthermore, we design corporative gifts for special clients and we customise any kind of decoration accessories for luxury restaurants, wine cellars and hotels.

Menus, wine lists, bottle racks made with leather, reservation books, courtesy gifts, etc. We create an endless number of corporative gifts and merchandising to get the loyalty of your customers.

Leather goods for wine cellars