Boxes for Fountain Pens

  • This elegant, useful and exclusive leather case for the exhibition of fountain pens is one of the most valuable jewels of the firm Absolute Breton. It was designed to be functional without quitting the style. The case organizes and protects the fountain pens in trimmed slots separated from each other.  It has space for 40 fountain pens such as Parker, Waterman, Montblanc, Cross, Pelkan, Delta, Omas, Montegrapa or Dupont  and its exterior is made with natural leather.

  • This leather briefcase for fountain pens is easy to carry and elegant; a unique piece for collectors, perfect to carry your fountain pens. It is lined with natural leather and it has a system of 7 removable trays, a velvet lined interior compound of trimmed slots which protect the fountain pens, and capacity for 91 fountain pens like Montblanc, Pelikan, Delta, Omas, Montegrapa and Dupont, among others.

  • The magnificent and majestic display chest to store fountain pens made by the master artisans of Absolute Breton offers you an organizing system of 6 drawers for 108 watches on cushions and 10 drawers for 260 fountain pens such as Cross, Montblanc, Pelikan, Delta, Omas, Montegrapa, Dupont, Waterman and Parker. To protect the fountain pens, its interior is divided into various trimmed slots separated from each other, and its finishes have the highest quality, handmade with the finest materials.

  • At Absolute Breton we offer one of the most elegant boxes with leather lid to store fountain pens in the market. This box lined with natural leather has a space for 40 fountain pens placed in two levels. Besides, it has an easy removable tray and the interior is divided into velvet trimmed slots separated from each other. Its lid opens 90º and it has a fitted closure to give the best protection to your collection of fountain pens.