Fountain Pen Cases

  • Discover the possibilities that the natural leather briefcase for 91 fountain pens made by Absolute Breton offers you. It was especially designed for fountain pens like Pelikan, Delta, Omas, Montegrapa, Dupont, Waterman and Parker. It is versatile and very elegant. Its interior is divided into 7 independent and removable trays, organized in trimmed slots, and it is perfect for collectors of original fountain pens.

  • Collecting fountain pens demands custom spaces to keep and protect every piece with all guarantee. For that, at Absolute Breton we have designed this practical and functional box stand for 10 NAMIKI EMPEROR fountain pens, handmade with genuine natural leather from Ubrique. Its design allow you to placed them in the same level, resting in trimmed slots separated from each other, so that they can be shown in all its splendor.

  • Pick your model or customize one of our stackable trays for fountain pens handmade with natural leather and space for 51 fountain pens such as Delta, Cross, Montegrapa, Dupont, Waterman, Parker and Montblanc. They are handmade and their interior is made of high quality velvet to protect entire collections of fountain pens. They are perfect to organize luxury fountain pen collections and they adapt to every space.

  • The display case for 20 fountain pens manufactured by Absolute Breton is elegant, original and versatile. It has been designed especially for the display of special fountain pen collections. It was handmade with noble materials such as the exclusive natural leather from Ubrique to protect and organize the fountain pens in trimmed slots separated from each other. The display case is designed to exhibit fountain pens like Cross, Montblanc, Pelikan, Montegrapa, Dupont, Waterman, Parker, Delta…