Cases for Watches 

Cases to store watches


All master craftsmen employed at Breton are highly qualified and have a long experience in traditional leather handicrafts. They carefully check the finishing of every item, which results in premium quality.


Our cases to store watches are fully hand-made, following the traditional methods of excellent leather handicraftsin order to show our passion for quality. They are made regarding every detail, like the fine stitching or the discreet logo.


All our luxury cases reflect the very heart of our company, with its passion for hand-made work and limited production. We are very proud to work with reliable master craftsmen.


To manufacture our cases to store watches we use only premium-quality materials and the best stuff nature can provide. The soft texture of naturally tanned leather is a result of the absence of chemical coatings, which allows the leather goods to age naturally and so develop their own character and patina. That means, cases to store watches, which even improve as time goes by.


For all these reasons our cases and boxes are unique items, made of natural leather with a soft texture when touched, offering individual colours and details. Each luxury case to store watches manufactured by Breton has its own personality, there are no two leather cases to store watches with exactly the same texture, shape, colour and capacity. They are designed according to the inspiration of our customers, without forgetting the market-trends. Thus, every watch-lover with a good taste for quality will find the matching leather case among the selection of leather cases to store watches offered by Breton.

Over the last 30 years Breton has been in touch with the directors and commercial managers of leading European watch-shops and jewelries. During this long business relationship, they have provided us with ideas and market-trends. A very valuable know-how which enables us to offer such a varied choice of products.

During all this time we have learned from the design and quality, which can frequently only be find in leather goods manufactured the old way. These cases to store watches are designed and manufactured very carefully in order to last and be used.

We believe in our products and love them. They are, in short, luxury leather cases to store watches, made of first-quality leather and with an exclusive and elegant design.


Visit our collection of cases for watches and enjoy some of the most exclusive goods manufactured in our handicraftleather workshop in Ubrique: leather cases to store between1and30 automatic watches, double prism cases for watches, arranged on several levels and handmade with the exquisite leather from Ubrique.

The luxury leather cases for watches that we design at Absolute Breton offer the highest quality. They are exclusive items, in limited editions and bespoke goods for every customer. Choose the leather case most suited to your needs and buy with the highest guarantee regarding price, delivery and customer service.