Collector's chest: 3 rotors + 2 drawers

11 605 Tax excluded

Collector's chest: 3 rotors + 2 drawers

Outside dimensions:
41 x 29 x 34 cm


As it is an artisanal product and every creation is manufactured in real time for you; the estimated time for its manufacture and delivery is between 7 and 60 days, depending on the article chosen. Once the manufacture is finished, you will be informed of the status of your order and delivery via email, using a tracking code in transport.


3 rotors for automatic watch winding.


1 flexible travel case for the watch rotor unit, 1 travel jewel case + 1 roll-up watch case.

1 drawer for 8 watches on flexible cushions.

Diameter of watch, case and crown area up to 65 mm.

1 drawer for 3 fountain pens, 4 cufflink bases, 6 slip compartments, slits and a miscellaneous area.

1 secret compartment with a cushion for a hideaway.

3 handles: 2 on the side + 1 on the cover

Cover and fold-out display opens up 90º.

Closes with 3 latches.

Silver-coloured metal accessories.

Specially designed for collectors.

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