Cases for Cufflinks

  • We introduce one of the most elegant, practical and simple cases for cufflinks by the firm Absolute Breton. It is a cufflink case handmade with natural leather, velvet interiors and glass lid. In its inside it offers a space to store 15 pairs of cufflinks, settled in convenient concave cells, great to carry them perfectly protected from scratches, tears or hits on business or pleasure trips.

  • For the  most sophisticated collectors of cufflinks or for luxury and specialized jewelry stores, Absolute Breton offers exclusive cases for cufflinks with a great capacity, handmade with natural leather following completely artisan techniques and exclusive designs. They are cases with space to keep until 50 pairs of cufflinks: with plain shapes, rectangular ones, velvet interiors and concave cells on just one level, protective cover and fitted closure.

  • Elegance and convenience don\'t have to be separated. This exclusive case to store cufflinks handmade with natural leather from Ubrique proves it. Our master artisans have chosen the design of a minimalist leather case, but they offered a large capacity to keep cufflinks in parallel slots. Its interior is made with select velvet and it has a light lid of glass which allows to see the interior and it can be opened until 90º.