Document holder briefcase

2 000 Tax excluded


As it is an artisanal product and every creation is manufactured in real time for you; the estimated time for its manufacture and delivery is between 7 and 60 days, depending on the article chosen. Once the manufacture is finished, you will be informed of the status of your order and delivery via email, using a tracking code in transport.


Document holder briefcase with aluminium and balsa wood frame.

Frame that can be kept vertically on 5 metal points, provided with a handle with brass handle holders for transport,

Magnet locking system and security using 2 brass locks with a key.

The anterior front is attached with magnets. It bends forward and acts as a support clerkship for desk sheets of 19 x 36 cm.

For document order, the briefcase has a 4 compartment sorter, with the capacity to keep DIN A4 sheets.

The sorter is also provided on its front with : 2 pockets, 2 cardholders, and pen holders.

The sorter is kept closed by 2 straps with magnets.

External lined in leather cow top grain and interior in leather and satin.

Brass metal accessories finished in nickel palladium colour.

External measurements of the case:

41,5 cm width

32 cm depth

10,5 cm height