High quality leather


In this section, discover the huge range of finishes and varieties of leather from Ubrique, the ones we work with at Absolute Breton. Choose those you like the most and mix them the way you wish in order to ask us for a luxury leather item or a bespoke gift, handmade with the best quality leather of Spain.

All the finishes of the luxury leather goods of Absolute Breton offer a great range of possibilities to create a special and unique gift with the best leather of Ubrique and others leather industry tools.

Here we show all types of leather from Ubrique and the artisan materials of the leather industry we work with at the workshop of Absolute Breton. Discover in detail all the possibilities that every type of luxury leather can offer and how they adapt to different designs.

Color charts

Breton Floater Suede Oslo Silk


In this section you will find the main adornments and fittings we work with at the leather workshop of Absolute Breton in Ubrique. Choose among different kinds of decorative elements and materials treated with artisan techniques to customise your leather goods from Ubrique.

Adornments in silver
Handmade lining


At Absolute Breton we manufacture by hand the linings of all our leather goods following traditional techniques. To that end, we use all kinds of artisan textiles, treating with special care the linings of the leather travel bags, wallets, briefcases and boxes for watches and jewellery.