Rotor Case

  • A brilliancy at the service of those lovers of the exclusive. This rotor case for automatic watches (Watch Winder) is designed with natural leather from Ubrique, glass lid and a safety lock with key. It is perfect to store 3 automatic watches and it stands out for its mechanism, which makes 480 daily rotations in each direction, accordingly to the standards of the Swiss fine watch sector. It works with a 24 hours rechargeable battery and electricity.  

  • For those who have an unstoppable rhythm of life, this rotor case Watch Winder is always ongoing. It has been designed with natural leather from Ubrique, it offers space for 3 automatic watches and 5 watches on flexible cushions. Its permanent movement makes sure that the charge is enough, and it also ensures the perfect running of your automatic watch, so it adapts to our life rhythm All Watch Winders can be programmed individually. 

  • If you are thinking of buying a rotor case Watch Winder for your automatic watches, have a look at this exclusive design of the firm Absolute Breton: it is a leather watch case with rotor Watch Winder, designed for an only piece and created to extend the useful life of your watch. Besides, it offers the possibility of being removed to use it for travelling, since it is a watch rotor with its own battery and charger.

  • The case with 12 rotors for automatic watches by Absolute Breton is a unique piece lined in natural leather from Ubrique: exclusive design, the finest materials and a mechanism with different speeds that will allow your watch collection to be always ongoing. It stands out for its low power and especially because it has no magnetic fields that can damage the watches.

  • This trunk with rotors for automatic watches (Watch Winder) made by the best leather master artisans from Ubrique is perfect for collectors. It offers a design made with genuine natural leather and a great space. It allows you to safely store 3 automatic watches, and besides, it has 2 drawers specialized to keep fountain pens, a space to store cufflinks, a draw for 8 watches on flexible cushions and a practical secret compartment.

  • If you are looking for an electrifier for a rotor Watch Winder for your automatic watches, at Absolute Breton we work with the best Watch Winder of the market, and we also have all the latest accessories designed for the most demanding collectors of watches. One of those pieces is this modern charger for rotors Watch Winder with a power of 5Vcc, able to charge the double battery of the Watch Winder in just 24 hours.
    The watch winders of Absolute Breton offer an innovative mechanism which makes 480 daily rotations in each direction and this cycle repeats for 24 hours.