Travel Jewellery Cases

  • Do you need a practical, versatile and elegant travel jewel case? At Absolute Breton we suggest this exclusive travel jewel case model for men, handmade with natural leather and zen design. This travel jewelry case stands out for its 90º opening lid and its inner magnets on the inside cover to hold the 2 special flat-lying watches, which are completely protected from scratches, hits and temperature changes.

  • The easiest and safest way to store your jewels during a trip is choosing a natural leather and velvet wallet designed as a travel jewel case for women. This roll-up jewel case for woman is very light, it can be folded with 3 moves and it has a magnet closure, plain style, warm elegance and versatile interior. In its inside, it is divided into 3 envelopes with zipper with space for rings, earrings and a special zone for necklaces.

  • At Absolute Breton we have the biggest collection of travel jewel cases for men made with natural leather and exclusive designs. Travel jewel cases made in a completely artisan way, perfect as pocket emptier or to store jewels and watches during a trip. It offers space for 2 flat-lying watches (including case and crown area), 2 cells for button covers, cufflinks, rings, chains, 2 empty spaces and slots for 3 fountain pens.