Watch Winders (Rotors) 

Watch Winders o Watch Winders Box

At Absolute Breton, we present a carefully selected collection of luxury Watch Winders. At our handicraftleather workshop in Ubrique we manufacture rotors for watchmakers, handmade with an exquisite care and using the best leather from Ubrique. Our rotors and Watch winders for automatic watches are unique pieces with a variety of finishes and designs.


Rotor cases for watches or watch winders are the perfect space to easily store luxury automatic watches. The running of these leather cases to store watches is very simple and practical, asthey allow the preservation of your watches in excellent conditions over time.



Watch Winders or Watch Winders box


They are boxes with a swing rotator device to recharge automatic watches.


These watch winder boxes, lined in leather, are unique and exceptional in their design. Due to their beauty, they can be placed in any place at home or in your office, while they display your favourite watches when being recharged.


Ourwatch winder boxes to store watches are provided with a beautiful window, in order to show your beloved watch while being recharged.


At the same time, they keep the automatic watches stored inside, safely protected from dust, scratches or blows.


Our watch winder boxes to store watches are especially suited to keep watcheswhich are not used daily, but which should always show the correct time.


Every watch winder box to recharge automatic watches is provided with a Swiss engine, silent and of low power intake, with reduced emission of magnetic waves and extremely precise regarding time.


Recharging your watches by means of a watch winder box extends the useful life of your watch and enables its precise performance.


Luxury watch winder boxes for automatic watches are intended to prevent watches, which are not used daily, from stopping and ceasing to work, which would involve setting the time new and winding them by hand every time.


In short, watch winder boxes keep automatic watches recharged, while not in use, and display them to you at the same time. In this way, your watches are ready for use at any time, which is a priority by all collectors of watches.


With our watch winder boxes you can keep your high-end automatic watches recharged with the necessary energy at any time, so that they are always working precise and showingthe exact time.


Our watch winder boxes and cases to store automatic watches ensure that you do not have to reset your automatic watches by hand.


Our watch winder boxes to recharge watches are silent and reliable, they allowyou to see your automatic watches while they are being recharged.


They are showcases as well as watch winder boxes, useful and essential to keep charged a small collection of between 1 and 12 automatic watches, or even other capacities, according to the client’s needs.


Every automatic watch needs to be constantly moved to prevent them from stopping. When you place your watch in the watch winder box, it will start to swing in both directions, completing a process of 480 turns daily in each direction, according to the norms of Swiss watch-industry. 


Automatic watches need constant move to wind their clockwork continuously and safely. This is the reason for the need to use watch winder boxes to store your automatic watches.